6th February 2018  This service is currently unavailable as Lisa is on Maternity Leave, we will let you know when service resumes.  Thank you.




Semi- permanent eyebrow tattooing can make a big difference to how you look and feel. Beautifully shaped brows accentuate your eyes and add a lift to your face making you look more youthful.


We are fortunate to have visiting Specialist Lisa Flipp here at Devoir on a regular basis depending on bookings.


Lisa trained in Australia a few years ago before returning to New Zealand and has continued to build a great reputation with her eyebrow tattooing using the feathered technique.



Your appointment is for 2 hours, to keep discomfort to a minimum numbing cream is applied at the start and during the procedure. Time is taken to choose a colour suitable and shape the brows. A micro blade is used to go through the brow doing hair like strokes. Generally the procedure is more uncomfortable than painful but it will depend on your personal sensitivity. The tattoo can last up to and past 2 years depending on how the pigment holds. The fresh tattoo will appear darker than the settled colour which tones down approximately a week later.



1st appointment - $400.00
2nd appointment for touch ups, 1 month later - $100.00

Georgie - Feathered Eyebrow Tattooing


"I decided to get my eyebrows done so I didn't have to fill them in every morning and get them tinted every month; to save some time.

Lisa is amazing at what she does, she totally put me at ease from the get go and I trusted her in what she was doing.


I love my eyebrows. Highly recommended."



Diana - Feathered Eyebrow Tattooing


"I love my new brows! Am so thrilled with the results. It is very nice to wake up and basically not have to touch them. Lisa did an amazing job, great colour, shape and very attentive and considerate of my wishes. The process was not particularly painful and all my questions were answered by Lisa and Di at Devoir. I can highly recommend having this done, I had compliments the very next day from strangers commenting on how beautiful my eyebrows were and who "did" them for me.


I totally recommend not only the procedure but specifically booking it at Devoir where I've received various quality treatments for many years now. A brilliant new service. Many thanks!"


Michaela - Feathered Eyebrow Tattooing


"I have just had my eyebrows tattooed (feathered) at Devoir Waxing & Beauty Clinic, they look fantastic.


My eyebrows always seemed to disappear and I was for ever using Eyebrow Pencil, however after getting them tattooed they look very full, even,and natural. I don't worry about that eyebrow pencil anymore.


Lisa Flipp was very professional, would highly recommend this procedure."


Porsche - Feathered Eyebrow Tattooing


"Oh my gosh… I love them. I have gone from “stick lines” (as my girls used to say) to the most amazing frame for my face!

Some of my friends didn’t know that I was getting them done and I have heard that they have said “there is something different about me … but they don’t know what” until they have been told of course. By getting it done myself I have had friends follow my lead. The usual questions are “does it hurt”… well no it doesn’t, a little uncomfortable at times, but nothing much at all.

I am pleased that I made the decision to do it. Go on : life I short, do what you want."