Moroccan Original Tan is a natural looking tan that works with your own skin tone and colour. We spray the tan on you and the residue is able to be showered off after 2-3 hours, the tan will then develop in approx 6-8 hours from when it is first sprayed on.  The tan fades off well and has no orange undertones. We love it as do the clients.


Rapid Tan

Half Body - $34.00 

Full Body - $52.00

Thursday Only Full Body Special - $42.00


To prepare yourself for the tan, do any hair removal prior and exfoliate.  So essentially come along with clean dry skin.  NO Moisturisers or Deodorants.  Wear or have loose clothing to put on afterwards, preferably dark clothing.  The tan residue will come in contact with your clothing causing temporary staining but don't worry as it will all wash off when you launder your clothes.


The tan will last a week to 10 days depending on how you look after your skin and depending on its dryness.  If you moisturise morning and night it will last longer.  You may need to exfoliate the last of the tan off as it fades prior to more tanning.



Spray Tans Wellington