Does waxing hurt?


It is an instant sting which lasts approximately 5 seconds. After the wax is been removed the therapists have a technique of applying pressure with their hand to stop the sting lingering.


How long does it take for the hair to grow back?


This depends on the previous hair removal you have been using prior. If you have been shaving it takes about a good 3 sessions to get all the hairs under control again. With regular waxing a recommended time to come back for your next wax is 4-6 weeks.


What is better to use on the bikini area? Strip or hot wax?


Hot wax! Strip wax is not designed for the bikini area as it is too harsh for the sensitive area and you may find that you would be more likely get ingrown hairs if using strip wax.


What is a Brazilian?


A Brazilian is either all pubic hair removed including the bottom area or it is optional to leave a strip or a shape of your choice.


Does a Brazilian hurt more than other waxing areas?


Our aim is to make you comfortable and use the best techniques to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. The first time is always the worst as there are many years of growth from the follicle. As you continue to maintain your wax you will find it gets easier and less painful as the follicle is weakened.


How am I best to treat my ingrown hairs?


Exfoilating 2-3 times a week and moisturising the area everyday will help the hair find its way through the follicle. We also have in Folisan which is an antiseptic and asprin based liquid which works as an anti-inflammatory and helps heal the infection caused by the trapped hair in the follicle. We also have a cream for purchase that works as a preventative if used daily, allowing the hairs to come to the surface without becoming ingrown.


Why is threading better than waxing on the face?


Threading is by far 100 times better than waxing because its not taking that layer of skin off the face which can lead to ageing the face, it picks up all the fine hairs that waxing often can’t pick up and it gives definition and a clean shape to the eyebrows that is almost impossible to get with other hair removal techniques.


Will threading alter the growth of my facial hair?


No, it comes back a lot finer and softer over time as the hair is being removed from the roots of the follicle.


Does tinting the eyelashes sting?


No it shouldn’t sting. It becomes warm and can tingle while activating because we put eye pads over top of the tint to give it a more effective look. By doing this it draws the heat down and allows the tint to process better and last longer.


What color should I do for my eyebrows?

You should always go a couple of shades darker than how you would like them as it does loose a percentage of the color over the first two days.


Does the tan go orange and patchy?


No, the tan is very natural looking and it wears off quite evenly and not noticeably.


Does the tan take long to be applied?


It takes approximately 5 minutes to be applied then you are required to stand there and dry yourself off for approx 3-5 minutes with the dryer provided.


Do I wear anything during the procedure of the tan?


There are disposable g-strings and boxers that we provide or if you wish you don’t have to wear anything.